Why having a good bike pump is crucial?

What you probably already know is that with a pump you can fill your tires with air. For a normal bike that’s just practical. For a road or mountain bike, a well-filled tire is essential.

By properly inflating your tires, accidents are prevented and you can ride faster. Since you will often inflate your tires, it is wise to have a good bike pump.

Different types of bicycle pumps

Bicycle pumps come in various types and sizes. You have different mini pumps and there are also various types of foot and hand pumps.

1. Mini Pumps

Earlier we talked about the so-called mini pumps. These are small hand pumps that you can take with you during your ride.

If you have a flat tire on the road, you can inflate your tire after changing your inner tube.

There are two types of mini pumps: hand pumps and CO2 pumps. Neither is ideal for daily use.

2. Foot pumps

Foot pumps aren’t just bicycle pumps. Normal bicycle pumps are so-called hand pumps or floor pumps.

These are operated by hand while the foot pump, as the name suggests, is operated by foot.

This makes foot pumps easy to use and very effective. There are also differences between foot pumps.

The biggest difference is whether the pump is equipped with a pressure gauge. This allows you to check the pressure within your tire and keep precisely keep track of how much you still need to pump.

3. Floor pumps

Floor pumps are the most common bicycle pumps. You most likely have one of these in your shelter. This pump is operated by hand.

With your legs, you can stand on the support feet so that the pump doesn’t get out of balance. Make sure you buy a pump with a pressure gauge, a higher maximum with a maximum pressure of 10+ bar.

4. Electric bicycle pumps

If you use an electric bicycle pump, you don’t need to use any power. This type of device is multifunctional. Nowadays there are also rechargeable mini compressors that you can take with you on the road.

You can of course use an electric bike pump on any type of bike and not only on E-bikes.

Electric Bike Pump
The Coolado tPump is suitable for inflating all types of tires up to 10 bar.

Which pump is the most suitable for cyclists?

Since it is important to have the right tire pressure, we recommend purchasing an electric pressure pump with pressure indication like The Coolado tPump.

This way you can see exactly how much pressure you have and you’re well prepared to hit the road. The perfect tire pressure ensures that you don’t make any accidental slips and that you can cycle as fast as possible.

Things you should take into account

It’s already been determined that a bicycle pump with pressure indication is the best choice for a cyclist. But that is not the only thing to pay attention to.

Here are other points you should also take into account:

  • the maximum pressure
  • Valve
  • Ease of use (stability and ease of reading)
  • Overall quality (material, etc…)
  • Foot, hand or USB rechargeable electrical pump

1. Maximum pressure

The maximum pressure of a bicycle pump means how much pressure the pump can get into the tire.

Usually, for a road bike tire, it is convenient to have a bike pump that can pump up to 10 bar. This is normally too much for a road bike tire, but it is more convenient to have some room to play with. 

Pumps that only have a max pressure of 8 bar, usually can’t reach the threshold of 8 bar.

2. The Valve

There are three types of valves, two of which can be found today on racing and mountain bikes. These are the Presta valve and the Schrader valve. Almost all of the pumps fit on the Presta valve, but the Schrader valve often requires an adaptor.

Note: for the Presta valve this can be the case with certain pumps. So keep this in mind when purchasing a bicycle pump!

3. Ease of use

The advantage of foot pumps and hand pumps is that they are very easy to use. It takes very little power and effort to inflate your tires with such a pump.

A prerequisite for this is that the bike pump is stable. That’s why many pumps have a foot on which you can stand with your feet. This prevents the pump from falling over or wobbling while pumping.

Besides the stability, the readability of the pressure gauge also plays a role in the ease of use.

The meter should be easy to read while pumping, even in a dark shed. Otherwise, you will not be able to get exactly 8 Bar in your tires, for example. So, pay attention to this before you buy a pump.

4. Foot or hand pump?

We recommend buying a small hand pump that you can easily take with you during your ride. Before you leave to ride, make sure your tires are fully inflated.

5. General quality

The last thing to take into account is the overall quality of the pump. Is the pump solid and robust?

Is it sturdy and made of strong materials?

Buying a pump and having it break isn’t a great experience. 

How much pressure do I need to put in my tires?

To determine how much pressure (bar) you need in your tires, you must check the engraving on the tire itself. However, this is only an indication.

To determine the suitable pressure for your tires, several factors have to be taken into account. Think of your own weight and the circumstances (weather, route, etc.). For standard 23mm tires, there is a rule of thumb. Simply divide your weight by 10. That’s how many bars you need to put in your tires.

For wider tires, you should go for lower pressure. This also applies in bad weather, for example in winter when it’s slippery.

The consequences of having the wrong tire pressure

It can have far-reaching consequences if you’re tire pressure is too high or too low. Too high can cause the tire to puncture faster and increase the risk of blowout tires. 

Also, if the pressure is too high, you will probably feel every bump on the road. On the other hand, not enough pressure will make you slower on the road as you will experience a lot of resistance. 

Can you use an electric pump for your bike?

Sometimes, when they have so much pressure, these pumps can be unsafe for bicycle tires, so you risk blowing the inner tube of your tire, but an electric bicycle pump can be a fantastic tool and a luxury to have if you do your homework.  Check The Coolado tPump.