Hold the power of air in the palm of your hands.

This isn’t your ordinary air pump.
The Coolado ePump was designed to change the way you use inflatables forever. It’s 2021 – by now you should no longer be using your own breath to inflate what you need. The ePump revolutionizes the modern air pump. This rechargeable air pump can fit in the palm of your hand! Perfect for travel, this little air pump is powerful and effective, able to inflate and deflate things in a matter of minutes.

Inflate & deflate

Make traveling with an air pump easier! The ePump quickly inflates any inflatable and can vacuum deflate them when it’s time to head home. Perfect as a portable pool toy inflator or to quick-start your barbeque, the ePump will be your new outdoor must-have accessory!


You no longer need to worry about finding the closest electrical outlet. We created the ePump to be rechargeable through a Micro-USB that's included with your purchase.


Take this compact air pump anywhere! The ePump is smaller than your smartphone and comes with a protective case so you don't lose any accessories along the way.

Long battery life

With a powerful battery that provides up to 1.5 hours of constant airflow, you can use the Coolado ePump on up to 45 airbeds with just one charge.



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