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Light your barbecue safely and in no time

Getting your charcoal to grilling temperature usually takes about 45 minutes. Therefore, we often resort to auxiliaries to speed-up that process. However, many of them aren’t safe, let alone healthy or environmentally friendly. We highlighted the pros and cons of three barbecue auxiliaries.

1. Liquid lighters

Liquid lighters should be on top of your no-go list. Every year people end up in the emergency room after using flammable liquids on the barbecue. Using those liquids can cause a large flame to flare up from the barbecue. Even if you’re lucky enough not to  get burnt, you’ll still inhale these toxic substances or they’ll end up in your food. 


Firelighters speed-up the barbecue lighting process. Nevertheless, you still have to wait until the firelighters have completely burnt out before you start grilling. Firelighters also create a lot of smoke. If you want to use them, be sure to avoid the white ones. They’re full of harmful chemicals, give off bad smelling fumes and aren’t environmentally friendly. Natural brown firelighters are a bit harder to light, but they’re a healthier alternative.


A Coolado ePump lights your barbecue quickly and safely without expensive auxiliaries. Charcoal or briquettes and a scrap of paper are all you need. This method gets your barbecue started nine times faster than any other method. After five minutes you’re ready to go. The ePump has many other uses as well, so it’s a good tool to have around.

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