Is the correct tire pressure important? You bet!

Why you better make sure you drive around with the correct tire pressure? Proper tire pressure is essential for your road handling. Properly inflated tires increase grip on the road, shorten braking distances and therefore ensure safer driving. Not only for you but also for others. The smart tire pump not only helps motorists drive in a more climate-friendly way, but it is also an extra asset for traffic safety. You can be sure that a lot of tire bursts will be prevented by simply pumping the tires.

2 factors that make a smart tire pump beneficial for road safety

If you choose for a smart tire pump, then:

  • 0.5% of car accidents (SWOV) are due to under-inflation. By using the smart tire pump you can prevent under-inflation and thus road accidents. A lot of car accidents are caused by under-inflated tires. 

  • The smart tire pump takes you step by step through the correct inflation of your tires. All too often this is where traditional pumps fail. According to a study by CE Delft (2019), 51% of motorists still suffer from under-inflation after inflating their tires. The reason? Well, tire manufacturers always give the tire pressure that should be used when the tire is cold, but in practice almost all tires are inflated in warm condition. This difference means that only 1 in 3 drivers manage to solve the problem of under-inflation. That is dangerous. Our smart tire pump ensures the correct pressure, every time, hot or cold.

According to a study by ANWB, a very large proportion of the Dutch vehicle fleet is driving with under-inflated tires.

Dutch vehicle fleet: 60 percent on too low tire pressure

The correct tire pressure is very important for road handling and thus the safety of your car. In the Netherlands, no less than sixty (!) percent of all cars drive with a tire pressure that is too low. That can add up to 150 extra euros per car per year in fuel costs.

Correct tire pressure shortens the braking distance

A shortened braking distance can prevent many accidents. The right tire pressure is essential to keep your braking distance as short as possible. You can find out what the impact of tire pressure is on the braking distance in the following film by Tim and Tom Coronel. Sit back and relax, because the effect will undoubtedly blow you away. More than a car difference, with exactly the same tires and speed. And you still doubted whether tire pressure is important?

This 2nd film also shows the effect of the right tire pressure on the braking distance. With an incorrect tire pressure, you have a greater chance of a tyre burst and you skid more quickly.

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