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We also give a 14 days money back guarantee. The product must be returned in its original undamaged packaging.  

Damage to Coolado products caused by abuse, abnormal operation, water damage, non-advised power supply, are not covered by the warranty. Coolado’s liability is ALWAYS limited to the value of the product and Coolado is not liable for damage to persons and / or property. 

Many questions are already answered by reading the user manual and in addition you can read through the frequently asked questions of the product concerned.

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The Coolado tPump P weighs only 270 grams (0,6 lb). The device has a diameter of 3,2 cm (or 1,18 inch) and is 23 cm (9,06 inch) high.

The Coolado tPump X weighs only 440 grams (or 0,97 lbb). The device has a diameter of 7 cm (or 2,76 inch) and is 14 cm (5,51 inch) high.

For an optimal performance of a Coolado tPump, it is very important that all connections are tightened to make them airtight. To ensure that all connections are tightened airtight we recommend the following sequence:

Valve for a car

  1. Tighten the air hose into the pump. On the tPump X, the air hose is already connected to the pump.
  2. Use the black tube at the end of the air tube to tighten the air tube to the auto valve.

French or Presta & Dutch or Dunlop bicycle valve

  1. Screw the supplied adapter nipple to the bicycle valve.
  2. Tighten the air tube into the pump. With the tPump X, the air tube is already attached to the pump.
  3. Use the black tube at the end of the air tube to screw the air tube onto the bicycle valve.

The Dutch or Dunlop valve is not supplied as standard. If you need one please send your question to us by mail.

Ball valve and inflatable toy valve  

  1. Screw the supplied adapter nipple onto the air hose.

With the Coolado tPump comes standard the Schrader valve for bicycle, motorcycle and car tires, plus 3 additional adapter nipples. 

Presta or French valve – The smallest adapter nipple that needs to be screwed on the bicycle valve. On the inside of the adapter nipple there should be a rubber for an airtight seal.

Ball valve  – Also called a needle valve. This valve is used to inflate all kinds of toy balls and sports balls.

Toy valve – Used to inflate small inflatable toys such as beach balls, children’s swimming pools, etc. See also the answer to question 15.

The Dutch or Dunlop valve is not supplied as standard. If you need one, please send your question to us by mail.

The Coolado tPump P is primarily intended as an electric bicycle pump, while the Coolado tPump X is primarily intended as an electric car tire pump. Of course, you can also inflate bicycle tires with it. The duration of pumping depends on the size/content of the tire and the desired pressure one wants to cycle with. On average, it takes about one minute to inflate an empty bicycle tire to the desired pressure. When inflating a tire in the meantime, it will generally take less than half a minute.

Often a tire only needs to be inflated a few tenths of a bar to get the tire back to the proper pressure. This is often done within a minute. Inflating a fully deflated tire to the desired pressure will take about 7 to 8 minutes on average.

With a bicycle valve and a car valve, always unscrew the air hose first via the black tube of the air hose. 

CAUTION: If the adapter nipple is screwed tightly to the bicycle valve, a part of the bicycle valve may rotate with it during the unscrewing process. In this case, use your other hand to hold the part that is turning so it will not turn while unscrewing the air hose.

CAUTION: With a French valve, the pressure in the air hose remains until the air hose is disconnected. If first the adapter nipple is unscrewed instead of the black tube, the air will escape through the adapter nipple and the rubber will shoot out of the adapter nipple. This can be prevented by disconnecting in the right way, see question 4.

If you have lost the rubber, you can re-order an adapter through our website.

This usually indicates air loss at one of the connection points. This may mean that no pressure can be built up at all. Or it is possible that at a certain pressure a balance is reached between the air loss and the pump capacity of the pump. The higher the pressure, the greater the air loss. It is then important to check the connection points. Are all threads properly tightened and with a bicycle valve is the rubber still in the adapter nipple. Also follow the order of connection as indicated in question 4 to ensure that all connection points are properly tightened step by step.

Unlike a car valve, no back pressure is created directly in the pump when connecting to bicycle valves. Because of this, the pump has to press through the valve’s protection via the pump function in order to measure back pressure. As soon as the pump is switched on, the pressure present then quickly appears.

You need to charge the pump with a (telephone) charger. Preferably a 5V/2A charger, but also chargers with 5V/1,5A and 5V/1A can be used. The phone charger itself is not included, the charging cable to be used is. The wide USB output of the charging cable can be plugged into the charger/adapter, the narrow output of the charging cable can be plugged into the pump. Then the adapter can be plugged into the wall socket so that charging begins.

A lithium-ion battery is built into the Coolado tPump. For this type of battery, it is recommended to keep the battery level between 20% and 80%. Charging to 100% or continuing to charge when reaching 100% can shorten the battery life.

Often it is sufficient to charge for one hour when the battery has reached a level of 20%. The speed of charging also depends on the type of charger/adapter used.

A full battery can pump for about half an hour at a time. As the battery becomes less full, the motor drive will begin to lose some power, resulting in a slightly longer pumping time than when pumping with a full battery.

When the battery is almost empty, the pump will automatically shut down. This is a safety feature and indicates that the pump needs to be charged first. 

Note: Pumping through without recharging can cause the battery to go into a sleep mode and cannot be recharged without repair.

During pumping, the various pumps produce between 70 and 75 decibels of sound. Similar to loud conversations. This is not harmful to hearing.

The Coolado tPump has a limited pumping capacity and thus these pumps are especially suitable for bringing objects with limited air content to a high pressure. Pumping objects with a lot of air content and low pressure, such as an inflatable pool or airbed, takes too long in our opinion. For these types of larger objects we recommend using the Coolado ePump with a pump capacity of 400 liters per minute.


The powerful battery of the ePump will last for 1,5 hours continuously use, so inflating multiple mattresses and starting your BBQ will still leave you enough power to vacuum some clothing bags.

Any inflatable device with a standard valve can easily be inflated or deflated using one of the adapters. If you find a valve that doesn’t fit one of our adapters, send us an email and we’ll see if we can make an additional one.

The Coolado ePump only weighs 140 Grams. The dimensions are Ø 55 mm and 95 mm high.

It takes less than 2 minutes to inflate an average one-person mattress.

Start the fire with some paper underneath the charcoals. Turn on the ePump and hold it from a safe distance to the fire. In a few minutes you are ready to start!


Smaller quantities can be ordered directly through our dealer portal.  Register yourself. Within 48 hours we will confirm your registration as a dealer and you can make your purchases as a dealer.

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Register on our dealer portal. Within 48 hr we will confirm your registration and you will be able to make your purchases as a dealer.

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