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Barbecue Tips for the Impatient

BBQ Tips for the Impatient

Lighting a barbecue is a time consuming process. It can easily take 45 minutes before your barbecue is hot enough to start grilling. We have some tips on how get your barbecue up to speed before you get hangry.

1.Use a chimney starter

A chimney starter is a steel cylinder in which you stack charcoal or briquettes. Light some newspaper pages in the bottom part of the chimney starter and it ignites the charcoal all the way up to the top. The chimney helps to heat your coals faster, so you can start grilling in about 30 minutes.

2.Use charcoal

Charcoal heats faster than briquettes, so your barbecue will be ready sooner. Unfortunately, it also cools down faster after reaching its peak, so it’s not ideal if you want to keep your barbecue lit for a longer period of time. If you want the best of both worlds you can combine charcoal and briquettes.

3. Use those grill vents

If your barbecue doesn’t have grill vents, maybe it’s time for you to get another barbecue. The grill vents were designed to speed up the heating of your barbecue. The more oxygen the coals get while heating, the faster they get hot. So make sure all the grill vents are open while lighting your barbecue. 

4. Coolado ePump to the rescue

The fastest way to light your barbecue is using a Coolado ePump. All you need is charcoal and a scrap of paper and the ePump will get your barbecue up to speed 5 in minutes instead of 45. The ePump also has several other uses, so it’s an invaluable tool to have around

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